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The Echoing Air

is a new ensemble based in the South West of England. Founded by singers Amy Carson and Timothy Dickinson, the group made its official debut in December 2023 with a chamber performance of Handel’s Messiah, in collaboration with violinist Maggie Faultless and her ensemble, Music for Awhile. Prior to this, we had twice joined forces with Maggie for two outdoor opera productions at Wyke House, near Bruton. In 2021 we put on an abridged version of Acis & Galatea, interspersed with poetry inspired by the story of the opera, and in 2022 we took a similar approach to Purcell’s The Fairy Queen.


Tell us about The Echoing Air

The Echoing Air is a new musical ensemble that we have formed in Bruton. Although only two of us call Bruton home, the South West more generally is definitely the groups home and a big part of our identity. Wherever possible, the group is made up of musicians who either live in or have a connection to the South West. Sometimes we’re just four or five singers, but occasionally we’re a full choir and orchestra.


Why the focus on the South West in particular?

We live here because we love the area: its natural beauty, its wealth of folklore and music, and its great community spirit. The prominence of Art in towns like Shaftesbury, Shepton Mallet and, of course, Bruton, draws a lot of interesting, enthusiastic and like-minded people together, and music ought to have similar prominence to other art forms. There is already a wealth of talent and activity in the area, and we want to compliment that and enhance it with our own music-making, both in collaboration and on our own steam. 


Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

We have both been singing professionally for most of our lives, starting as choristers and continuing at secondary school and University. We’ve both travelled the world with various choirs and ensembles and have sung in many of the UK’s major concert halls and cathedrals. Raising our two children has not halted our ambitions or desire for exciting music-making, but it has definitely made travel less practical and less appealing! The idea of performing on home turf is a dream for so many musicians, particularly those with young families.


What are your plans for the ensemble?

We have three programmes that we’re developing for our smaller-scale group: one of Folk Songs (with an inevitable focus on songs of the South West); one of Love Songs (centred on Brahms’ wonderful Liebeslieder), and one of Bird Songs, which features a huge variety of songs and poetry inspired by our feathered friends. We debuted this programme on March 8th 2024 in St Mary's, Bruton in collaboration with Bruton Art Society, where artists were invited to exhibit work or sketch as we performed. It was a really lovely occasion! Beyond that, we’ll be continuing our hugely rewarding collaboration at Wyke House with more outdoor Opera on June 8th, and then reprising our Messiah in Bruton in December. In the meantime, we will be looking out for opportunities to collaborate with artists from other disciplines, with young people from local schools, and with any space - be it a Church, a Village Hall, a gallery or a living room - that would benefit from some music!


Where can we next hear you performing?

Our BirdSong programme will be back soon. In the meantime, we're excited to return to Wyke House for Opera In The Orchard, showcasing some really wonderful singers in some gems from favourite Operas. Then in December, we're bringing our chamber Messiah back to St Mary's, Bruton. Tickets and details for our events can be found at 


Find us on Instagram @theechoingair

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